Humibox is a supplier of agriculture goods for over 20 years.

Nursery Systems

Developer and provider of solutions for advanced nursery systems, particularly for oil palm and rubber. Supplies: trays, media, water control devices, fertilizers, stands and tables, and greenhouse

Liquid Lime

High quality liquid lime, acts faster than ordinary lime powder without burning like quicklime

Planting Materials

  • Mucuna seeds, pre-scarified (no clipping required)
  • Mucuna seedlings (as plugs), ready for field planting
  • Vetiver seedlings (as plugs), for soil erosion control and phytoremediation of polluted water

Plug trays

Wide variety of well-designed trays for raising all kinds of seedlings


Broad range of liquid organic fertilizers from Spain


Copper fungicides & bactericide (Kocide 3000) Mosquito larvicide (Abate 1.1G)